• Welcome to The Galactic Horde
  • Fleet Starbase Tier IV
  • Our KDF Fleet: The Intergalactic Horde
  • Fleet Bounty Hunting


Our continuing mission: To seek out new life and new civilizations…

to boldly go… and KILL THEM ALL!

welcome-home-imgWe are THE HORDE! Whether you fancy trading Orion slave girls on the black market, or rubbing elbows with the Federation’s finest, we are where YOU want to be.

With our Federation Starbase nearing the final stages of completion, we are able to offer our members the very best in fleet death dealing capability. Shields, ships, weapons and more are available in our Starbase and Embassy.

Our KDF fleet is getting off the ground nicely and powering through the upgrades of yet another Starbase. Yes, we are so awesome we can afford to have TWO Starbases. This, among many other reasons, too numerous to list here, are why you need to come check us out!